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LeakProtego Single Package Leak Testing Concept

Modular leak testing concept - designed to identify individual leaking packages before they are placed in shipping crates 

LeakProtego is ensuring product freshness and extended shelf life of your MAP products 

Leaking packages is a key concern for any company involved in Modified Atmosphere Packaging. For years a key request from our customers has been the ability to test the seal integrity of individual packages right after leaving the packaging machine.

The new concept is called LeakProtego and is probably the only leak system in the world with a capability to test micro leaks down to 50 µm at a speed that matches the majority of packaging machines producing modified atmosphere packages. The system uses a patent pending sensing system to detect traces of CO2 escaping through leaks in the package and thus identifying micro leaks.

The LeakProtego is a modular system where each module is designed to test up to 12 packages per minute and several modules can be combined to achieve the speeds required to follow the packaging machine.

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At Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany 4 - 10 May 2017, MOCON Europe (Dansensor) displayed a one module demo unit with full funcionality and a test capability of 12 packages per minute. The concept was demonstrated using standard trays with a laser-cut predefined leak size of 50 µm – 150 µm.

The LeakProtego concept is based on Dansensor´s more than 25 years of experience with trace gas based leak detection systems. The first LeakProtego system was put into production at a European customer in August 2016 and MOCON Europe made a full launch during Interpack.

Interested in learning more about the LeakProtego? Please e-mail us your leak challenge at

Benefits of the LeakProtego concept:

  • Protect you from brand damage associated with faulty packaging
  • Eliminates the expense and line speed reduction of human inspection
  • Helps ensure maximum continuous productivity, on-time delivery and satisfied customers
  • Reduces risk of fines, recalls and downtime due to a fast and reliable way to find and eliminate leaks

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