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Dansensor LeakMatic II Packaging Leak Tester

Fully automated non-destructive leak detector - seal integrity of all your modified atmosphere packages is ensured

Now with optical sensor

When the correct management focus is put on seal integrity the benefits can easily be seen in cost reductions. A well-established quality assurance will give reduced waste, reduced product returns, reduced labour and reduced loss of machine time. Hence giving an attractive return on investment time. 
Dansensor has developed a compact in-line leak system, which gives the possibility of detecting leaky packages in complete shipping cartons. By using the CO2 already available in the MAP packages as trace gas, it is possible to test all packages shortly after they have left the packaging machine.

This test method is of course non-destructive and furthermore it is possible to test 4-6 shipping cartons per minute.

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Benefits of the Dansensor® LeakMatic II packaging leak detector:

  • Fewer product returns
  • Fewer claims
  • Safer brand image

Features of the Dansensor LeakMatic II packaging leak detector:

  • Optical sensor
  • No heating time
  • Data logging of measurement data
  • Fully automated non-destructive testing
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • 3-year CO2 sensor warranty


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