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Increased Process Control and Traceability via new Gas Analyser

We are proud to announce that we have released the MAP Check 3 Vacuum, a new on-line gas analyser for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) equipped thermoforming and tray-sealing machines.

The new Dansensor MAP Check 3 Vacuum now offers food packagers around the world increased process control and traceability data to help support the latest food safety protocols. The new gas analyser is ideal for a wide variety of modified-gas food packaging applications including meat, poultry, fish and baked goods.
“To help meet more stringent food safety objectives, it is becoming increasingly important for processors to be able to trace data long after the package has left the plant. The upgraded connectivity, and continuous data logging provided by the MAP Check 3 Vacuum, keeps residual oxygen — and optionally carbon dioxide — records of every package produced. It does so in real-time, keeping up with high-speed lines without the need to remove the package for manual, destructive testing,” said Karsten Kejlhof, Sales and Marketing Director, Dansensor.

MAP Check 3 Vacuum continuously measures gas content of the packages before they are sealed. Through a user-friendly touch-screen, the operator can create individual programs for each product. As the packaging machine is running, MAP Check 3 Vacuum takes a gas sample directly from the sealing die and gives an average reading of the residual oxygen (and optional carbon dioxide) for every cycle.

Further information about the MAP Check 3 Vacuum on-line gas analyser for quality assurance of modified atmosphere packages
  • MAP Check 3 Vacuum gas analyser for MAP

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