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Think Fresh

Thousands of miles in a MAP package but I'm crisp as can be

Consumers are reaching for goods that are fresher and easier to prepare, and that means Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). But MAP without QC spells trouble.

Think fresh

When it comes to food the future is fresh, particularly if the ingredients are in convenient form.

Times are changing. With dual careers, more money and a desire to spend their free time in more creative ways, today’s families want the best of both worlds: fresh wholesome meals without the hard work they used to entail.

And fresh convenient eating is what Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is all about. But to prevent the radicchio from wilting, the parmigiano from losing its tang and the carpaccio from fading, you may need to change the way you think about package testing.

Fact is, producing MAP products without keeping an eye on the gas is like driving a car without a fuel gauge! You won’t discover there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Regular MAP testing — with frequent QC checks — helps ensure that the freshness, colour, texture and taste locked in on the production line is still there when your package is opened. And guess what — it’s less expensive than you probably think.

  • Think Fresh

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