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Test Smart

I spent over a week in a MAP package and never lost my colour

Product recalls may be rare, but traceability requirements are getting tougher. Time to move from Quality Control to Quality Assurance?

Test smart

Ever feel like you’re on a treadmill that keeps speeding up — and that you’re about to fall off? Packaging machines are running faster these days and people are falling behind on quality control, especially producers tied to manual testing.

The answer? Smarter solutions that not only help you keep up with higher production rates but that automatically supply the data needed by regulatory authorities.

The demand for information is on the rise in the EU, the US and elsewhere. And each new regulation both saddles your QC staff with more paperwork and increases the likelihood of errors.

Today’s advanced testing systems deliver data in the form needed to meet requirements for greater traceability, while eliminating paperwork, mistakes and their associated costs.

Which testing regimen is right for you? Random offline testing, or quality control, is generally sufficient for smaller production runs, provided it’s done systematically with reliable equipment, and well documented.

On the other hand, continuous on-line testing, or quality assurance, quickly pays for itself as soon as product value, packing speed or data logging requirements reach even moderate levels.

  • Test Smart

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