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Sell Different

Night after night in a MAP package but I'm as attractive as ever

Social media multiply the impact of good — and bad — experiences with your brand. Get positive word of mouth on the web from better testing.

Sell different

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — these days consumers go online to swap recipes and report on their latest supermarket discoveries. Gossip is good, if your product is too — because word gets around faster than ever.

And that’s why testing to ensure product quality has become so central to the marketing effort.

Think about it. You’re doing the Saturday morning shopping when you come across an exciting new product. Home you go, to put it in the fridge, for a fresh convenient meal later in a busy week.

Thursday night you peal back the wrapper. Ugh! It’s not fresh!

Do you take it back and complain? Most people simply toss it in the bin and pick a different brand next time. Which means the producer could still be shipping leaky packages without knowing it.

The buying side of the food industry has changed, and marketing strategies need to adapt. To really leverage social media, use MAP testing to make a better product — and let consumers promote your product for you.

  • Sell Different

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