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This way for leaner MAP quality control

Packaging requirements are getting more and more strict. 

All parties involved in quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging are aware that it is time consuming manually to write down data about gas content, weight, leak tests, batch number etc. all the time.

But did you know there is a leaner way to log this essential quality data?

Being a QA or production manager imagine that you could have a tool in your production asking the operator all the right questions, and at the same time this tool ensures that the risk of human errors is reduced to a minimum.

With the brand new CheckMate 3 from PBI-Dansensor you are not only getting a state-of- the-art gas analyser but a complete QC tool for your package testing requirements. The CheckMate 3 can be configured to meet almost any quality control process, and it is able to ask the line operator to fill in weight, batch number, initials and other essential data for the QC process. The data entry can either be done directly on the large touch screen display or simply with a bar code scanner.

After the data has been entered into the CheckMate 3 it can easily be transferred to the CheckMate 3 pc software, a spreadsheet, a SQL database or other third party software. This means that you can reduce the amount of time spent on traditional paper records.

Last but not least, imagine what happens next time someone asks you to see the quality data for a certain batch. You will be able to give the answer in a few minutes, because all information is available in a searchable electronic format.

Read more about our new headspace gas analyser for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages

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