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Anniversary - 10,000 CheckPoints sold worldwide!

We are very proud to announce that PBI-Dansensor has manufactured 10,000 units of our portable CheckPoint gas analyser.

The CheckPoint is used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) production facilities in more than 90 countries around the world. Every day the CheckPoint helps to ensure that MAP packaged food products are fresh when they reach the consumers.

To celebrate the 10,000 CheckPoints we have manufactured a gold anodised CheckPoint. This gold anodised edition is now for sale. The unit is a fully functional O2/CO2 analyser with rechargeable batteries. It will be sold to the highest bidder in an auction running in September and October 2011. The full auction price of this limited CheckPoint edition will be donated to the Danish Red Cross for the benefit of the Horn of Africa famine.

If you are interested in bidding on the gold anodised CheckPoint send your bid to:

The auction runs until 31 October 2011. The winner of the bid will be contacted directly.

31 October: 1410 EUR (FINAL BID)
31 October: 1335 EUR
31 October: 1330 EUR
31 October: 1320 EUR
31 October: 1310 EUR
31 October: 1300 EUR
31 October: 1250 EUR
13 October: 1200 EUR
4 October: 1100 EUR
28 September: 1000 EUR
26 September: 135 EUR

  • CheckPoint - 10,000 sold worldwide

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